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INFORMATION EX SECTION. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003
(updated on 01/06/2015)

We wish to inform you that according to the Legislative Decree n° 196 dated 30 June 2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”) the protection of individuals and other subjects is provided, when personal data are processed. In compliance with the mentioned law, personal data processing will be based on principles of accuracy, lawfulness and transparency and protection of the confidential nature of your rights.
Therefore, in compliance with section 13 of the Legislative Decree n° 196/2003, we wish to give you the following information:

1 – Data Processing Purposes.
The personal data you provide us with will be processed for the following purposes:

  • A) administration and accounting
  • B) commercial and marketing, advertisement and other relevant activities.
  • C) divulging and/or advertising, with the preparation of catalogues and documents which may contain images and photographs that portray you and document your participation in cultural events and fairs.
  • D) information and communication, sending e-mails to your e-mail address as participant and/or potential participant in cultural events and/or fairs organised or promoted by us.
  • E) databases, relating to the management and selection of candidates via the curricula vitae received

2 – Processing Means.
With reference to the above mentioned purposes, your personal data shall be mostly processed both by electronic and paper-based means, legally and accurately in order to guarantee the safety and confidential nature of the very data. In any case the protection of your personal data shall be guaranteed through a password.

3 – Nature of collection of Personal Data.

Point A of the purposes
Your personal data is compulsorily collected in appliance with both law and contract duties, (referred to in section A of the Purposes paragraph), therefore, refusal to provide such data would entail the impossibility on our part to establish and/or continue a working relationship.

Points B, C and D of the purposes
Whereas the collecting of further data not ascribable to law or contract duties, and are ascribable to activities relevant to commercial, marketing, advertising, promotional, customer satisfaction level and other activities linked to those aforementioned (in section B of Purposes paragraph) have a facultative character instead, since they are collected to publicise the partner’s (customer) potential with its reference market and also to optimise the partner’s (customer) relationship with the services performed by our company within the range of our activities.

The refusal to provide these data for those purposes, even though not jeopardising the working relationship will prevent us from propose commercial, promotional and marketing initiatives, also in relation to cultural events and fairs, offered by our company. Moreover, considering the specific sphere in which our activity takes place, refusal to supply data for the purposes indicated herein will make it impossible for our company to enter into/pursue the relationship.

Point E of the purposes.
Provision of personal data for the management and selection of possible candidates is optional, as it is collected to allow management of relations with the candidate with a view to employment.
Refusal to supply such data and the specific consent for these purposes will make activation of the selection procedure and assessment of the candidate with a view to employment impossible.
Consequently, any curricula vitae received that are not followed up by contact, provision of informed consent to the processing of data will, in accordance with art. 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, be destroyed.

4 – Dissemination of Personal Data.
Your Personal Data relating to points A), B), C) and D) of the purposes could be disseminated insofar as inserted in sector catalogues and publications according to the above mentioned purposes. The data relating to Point E) of the purposes will not be disseminated.

5 – Disclosure of Personal Data.
Your Personal Data may be disclosed only to clearly specified third parties, such as:
Linked, controlled or controlling companies, public and private bodies (Social Security and Welfare Institutions, Insurance Companies), Banks and Lending Institutions, Financial and Credit Insurance companies, Chamber of Commerce, Consultants, Agents and freelances, the Army and Police Force, national customs and tax offices.

6 – Cookies
The site does not use systems aimed at the direct acquisition of personal data or user profiling. The session cookies, once the connection has ended, are not retained. Our computer systems use: cookies for the transmission of personal information; cookies of any kind, except those in Google Analytics, web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) that uses cookies that are stored on the user’s computer to allow statistical analysis in aggregate form. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google, as well as shown in its disclosures about the use of cookies. As independent data controller for the processing of data for the services of Google Analytics, Google Inc. makes available its own privacy policy. For more insights on how to manage or disable cookies or third-party marketing you can visit

7 – Your Rights
At any time you can exercise your rights towards the company in charge of the processing, in compliance with section 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, which is fully reproduced and enclosed below for your convenience. In accordance with said article, you may also request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blockage of data processed in breach of the law. You may also oppose the processing of your data for legitimate reasons. To exercise your rights, please contact the Data Controller at the address indicated above.