Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Nicola Batavia’s answer – simple – to this question is “The Egg”.

The Egg is a thinking: it can be possible for haute cuisine to be inspired by simplicity, as its “incubator”. And this melting of simple and perfect is symbolized by an egg, by its concept , its shape and taste.
This idea "rolls " from place to place in the World - from Turin, to Venice, Ukraine and more others - , it hatches, each time giving life to something different, but true to itself: "Simple as an Egg".

The Egg is all this, and much more. Simple, isn’t it?

...This is The Egg


Monday - Saturday 12.00pm -3.00pm / 7.00pm-11.00pm

The "Original": The Egg - Simple as an Egg is the bistro that Nicola Batavia opened on March 19, 2014, Father's Day not by chance: the birth of Vittorio, his first son, inspired the chef.

At The Egg everything it is based on the egg and its simplicity. The menu presents small tastings ("appetizers" or better, "cichéti" in Venetian style) and some serving dishes prepared with top quality raw materials, at friendly prices.
The Menu – average price 25.00 euros – without terrace and complimentary coffee, combines Mediterranean cuisine (the chef's roots) to the tradition of Piedmont, land of which Nicola Batavia is strongly in love.
All this comes with soft drinks, beer and prosecco, available to guests in the American refrigerator, where you can serve by yourself.

At The Egg The Egg you can also opt for a tasting menu with 5 cicchetti and pasta at 25.00 euros per person, or book brunch for 10 people 25,00 euros per person.


"The egg is an ingredient: the caramelized egg in artichoke, the Poached egg and eggs in the little pan, the scrambled egg, the omelette, the dishes with quail eggs and many other dishes.
The egg is a concept: the tasty dishes of pasta and not, the delicious burgers ... all amazing in their simplicity."

Nicola Batavia, Chef


Events Formats

The Egg has a simple formula, in which the tasting is just a part of the gastronomic experience: the guest is just a few centimeters from the chef while he prepares the dishes on the kitchen at the center of the room. So you can observe the work, ask him questions about ingredients and recipes or just chat with him sipping wine.
The Egg, however, is even more, because here you can:

Be the chef: you can welcome your guests and cook for them, with a whole wall of appliances at your disposal in the kitchen behind that one of Birichin. If desired, you can take your guests there with you. Just book from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 25 people. Using your raw materials, the cost per person is 15 euros. Alternatively, you can ask us to do the shopping and repay it without any surcharge.
Have the chef Nicola Batavia for you and your guests exclusively: just contact the management to know availability and prices.
Have a chef who cooks for you and your guests: you can decide the menu or ask us to study one for you expressely. The cost of the chef is 50 euros.
Organize business meetings: the Table Chef (8-10 people) is available for breakfast, lunch and in the afternoon hours. Just contact the management to know availability and prices.
Reserve the full room for your private or corporate events: the participants can get to a maximum of 30, the formula is adaptable.
Participate in cooking classes: they are held in the morning for groups of at least 4 people. The single lesson lasts 3 hours.
Come here even if you have a meal with you: if a seat is available, you can get comfortable and take 1 L of water with 1 euro only for the service (seat at the table with cutlery and napkin).

The simplicity of The Egg concept makes it replicable easily, and that's why the chef Nicola Batavia makes it available to potential partners with the franchise formula. There are already different projects, and you can watch them here: anyone interested can contact the property on The Egg Torino. There will be a manager who is only concerned with "franchise development & feasibility".



On 22 April 2017 The Egg Nicola Batavia Hotel Danieli was terminate: Lagoon version of the concept bistro inspired by egg, located on the top floor of Palazzo Dandolo, that houses the prestigious Hotel Danieli, a stone's throw from Piazza San Marco, in the heart of Venice, with a stunning view on the Island of San Giorgio.
Not a simple replica of the original, but a version "tailored" for the extraordinary context in which it stands, which makes an unusual synthesis of history, art, culture, landscape and, of course, gastronomy in a showcase admired by the whole world.

The Egg Nicola Batavia Hotel Danieli had a seating capacity for 60 people, and it was open from Tuesday to Saturday with late opening starting from aperitif. The menu included culinary creations prepared with Mediterranean and Venetian excellent raw materials, including cichéti - original ones or reinterpreted by drawing from local tradition - main courses and desserts signed Batavia, including a tasting menu. The egg is an ingredient or simply conceptual inspiration or both, as in the signature dish "Quail egg in little pan with spinach and licorice".
The proposal changed periodically, according to the seasonal availability of ingredients and the creative talent of the chef Batavia.

To complete the experience, there was a prestigious selection of wines, beers, soft drinks all strictly Italian, a range of exclusive cocktails and products of Italian brands, the result of a intense research carried out by Nicola Batavia, who chooses them personally to make The Egg Nicola Batavia Hotel Danieli a real celebration of the Made in Italy and its excellence, making the taste, in all its meanings, the protagonist.


Events Formats

The Egg Nicola Batavia Hotel Danieli was also the stage of thematic evenings dedicated to great wine producers, to high food and wine excellences and Italian and international guest chefs.



Visit the Menu that Chef Nicola Batavia presented during his consultancy at The Egg Hotel Danieli, completed on April 22, 2017.